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At The Luxury Division, we provide the most advanced high-net-worth security solutions because your peace of mind is our top priority.


Bryon and Paul Robertson are brothers, best friends, and business partners. In 1988, Paul founded Robertson Security Inc. in Aspen, Colorado. Bryon joined his brother in business in 1990 and together the two brothers built a thriving security company. In just over 7 years, Bryon and Paul grew Robertson Security Inc. into one of the 50 largest security companies in the country, proudly managing more than 4,000 accounts.  


Byron’s passion for innovation and commitment to providing clients with the most powerful, cutting-edge security technologies brought him to San Francisco in 2000. He soon saw that there were no security companies providing both an extraordinary quality of customer service and high-end systems that could meet the unique needs of high-net-worth clientele on a global scale. This inspired Bryon to found The Luxury Division (TLD) in October of 2000.


Today, TLD is headquartered in San Francisco, California and provides state-of-the-art security integration solutions for high-net-worth clientele, ranging from Fortune 500 executives to individuals on the Forbes Billionaires List and beyond. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, serving a wide range of clientele and working on projects that can vary greatly in scale and specification. We are capable of providing our innovative security solutions virtually anywhere in the world.

Our team of elite security experts is some of the most diligent and experienced individuals in the business. Bryon Robertson, Paul Robertson, and Colin Travis, who make up TLD’s leadership team, have a combined  75+ years of experience in the security industry and related fields. Our partnerships with an expansive and trusted network of the top architects, high-end builders, insurers, technology partners, and security providers guarantee our clients access to the highest quality of service.  

We perform a comprehensive risk analysis and design a personalized security solution that meets the unique needs of each client. Our skilled team installs and configures every system, then provides ongoing global monitoring and support services. Each security solution can be designed to include Intrusion (Burglar) Alarm, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Perimeter Detection, Fire Alarm, UL Listed Monitoring and advanced detection technologies like LiDAR, Radar, Drone Detection and more. 


We are dedicated to delivering security beyond imagination. That means our clients will always receive extraordinary customer service and the most advanced security solutions that the world has to offer. Our commitment is to revolutionize the security industry because we believe there is nothing more valuable than freedom and peace of mind.

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