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At TLD, we have developed the only fully interoperable security solution, enabling our team to install an unlimited number of security devices, access control points, and video surveillance cameras at each site. We are also the only security company that offers a multi-estate command center solution that can be seamlessly integrated with all of the technology installed at a residence. Currently, we are the sole U.S. providers of an advance LiDAR security solution that includes interior and permitter detection.


At TLD, we provide advanced risk analysis services that include: ​

Security Consulting

  • Expert security service consultation for high-net-worth clientele, executive protection companies, high-net-worth insurers, high-end builders, client representatives, and industry partners in order to assess and upgrade security footprints

Penetration Testing

  • Procedure for testing the vulnerabilities and strengths of an estate’s security, performed within a 3D virtual environment with simulations utilizing virtual pawns, in the form humanoids, animals, and drones

Threat Modeling

  • Design for an optimized security solution based on the identified vulnerabilities and objectives that define countermeasures to prevent or mitigate the effects of security threats 

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TLD is recognized as the only high-net-worth security provider capable of generating accurate, to-scale, 3D security designs — setting a new industry standard — the TLD Smart Security Solution and our standard security system designs include: 


  • Security device layout using architectural drawings

  • Photogrammetry via drone or handheld camera device

  • 3D image processing for developing 3D models

  • Virtual security system designs 

  • Precise mathematical modeling for identifying known coverage of security devices as well as coverage blind spots 

  • Virtual simulations with 3D pawns to test security device coverage

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At TLD, we provide a full range of security system disciplines including:

  • Intrusion (Burglar) Alarm Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • UL Listed Remote Monitoring Communicators

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Advanced Interior and Perimeter Detection Systems

  • Command Center Technologies 

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To ensure our TLD Smart Security Solution seamlessly aligns with the natural flow of our client's daily lives we configured each system using state-of-the-art hardware and software, our services include: 

  • Security system installation (hardwired or wireless) 

  • Expert software configuration of all applied security disciplines



Our security system commissioning and training services include:

  • Education and training for clients on how to effectively operate their TLD Smart Security Solution

  • UL Listed remote system monitoring for life safety and emergency response

  • Linking of TLD Smart Security Solutions across the globe in order to manage multiple estates

  • Remote command and control of all smart security system disciplines within an estate



We aid corporations in identifying, designing and developing an Executive Security Program that protects the organization's executive employees, their families, and their estates.  Our corporate security services include:

  • Deployment of the TLD Smart Security Solution at the executive’s estates

  • On-going global support to all estates within the Executive Security Program

  • Development of Execution Security Operation Center (EXSOC) at strategic corporate locations

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